5 Stars for your Digital Marketing

5 Tips for Website and Digital Marketing

5 Tips for Brand Strengthening and Digital Marketing in 2020 for your product or service to target your key audience.

Some of these Digital Marketing tips are reminders of what works, while others will freshen your current brand to bring it up-to-date.

Maintaining your own website for your business requires a lot of time and knowledge. Hopefully, you have an experienced and reliable person to help with the needed maintenance and housekeeping required. The necessary features needed for a healthy website have increased every year, so keeping up with these requirements will keep your site out of trouble.

Consistency Check-Up

Is your tagline consistent throughout all of your media and digital marketing?; website, email signature, business card? If not, now is the time to really tighten up your strategy and come up with an optimized tagline. Actually, almost all the tips below touch on consistency.

Another area to check is the list of keywords that have generated from growing your blog. These keywords are like gold for SEO in your blog. After you create a new blog post, be sure you’ve incorporated those keywords into other areas of your website. For example, if you recently wrote a new blog post about Nutrition, be sure that, if this is a new blog post, that you’ve worked the word Nutrition into other areas of your website, like your homepage, contact form, and About page.

Social Media Profiles

Are your icons shoved into a square or circle, or are they showing their best side for each digital personality? Consider using a consistent yet specific icon for your avatars; Facebook is a square, and Google+ is a circle. How can you make your logo work with these different constraints and also communicate an understanding of your audience?

Copyright Year on your Website Footer

Your footer shows a copyright year and is it updated? I suggest using a start year and use server-side code to show the current year (see my footer below). This will show that your site is always up-to-date and shows the history of your business; establishing credibility while keeping up with the times.

Social Media Strategy

When was the last time you tweeted to your audience? Hashtag+Connecting=Business. Connecting with your customers, past current, and future, is a great way to become part of their lives. Show some love to your industry through regular tweets, diggs, posts, and hashtags.

There are 3 types of social media posts that are effective; Awareness, Educate, Promote. All have the potential to engage with the reader, or simply just be a reminder. There are no guarantees of an increase in follow or comment count. Growing a social media network requires time, engaging others with tagging people, building a “library” of posts using hashtags, and regular engagement with comments on other’s posts. Digital Marketing can take the form of an image, a video, a link to another website. Anything “digital” and helps with your message is considered Digital Marketing. The best source of content for your social media posting will come from your website’s content. For example, listing the headers of your blog post helps to see what you can post about. I highly recommend following Chris Do and his AIDA video.

👁 Awareness – posts can be as simple as a quote, or engaging like a question. It’s meant to “be” with the reader and be a subtle reminder them you are here for them.

🕺🏼Educate / Entertain – posts are helpful like recipes or reminders, as well as fun and interesting like photos, a national day of, bits of helpful info, like the secret tip, trick, hack, ingredient, a formula for gold spun from hay, etc

🌟 Promote – these are to help click on a link to your website. Posts about the categories you most blog about, common questions from your clients with answers, etc. Always link to your website for these. This is also a way to offer “free” valuable information, with a little to hang on to so they want to read more through the click.

Be Generous…

Posting “free” advice and solid experienced guidance will do two things; win some likes and appreciation, and establish you are the expert. Think about it like this…Posting a recipe of ingredients, and later some of the steps on how to use the ingredients, you are still in need to execute these skills. Your value is your experience and skills, not the knowledge (ingredients) itself.

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This call with Eric Rounds will cover what is broken, what’s not working, how that affects your daily business, and how we can get you back on track.