7 Free Tips Understanding Online Video

7 Free Tips to Understanding Online Video

The things you'll need to successfully publish your online video

Through using services like YouTube and Vimeo, we can showcase an unlimited number of online videos for marketing, instructional support, and anything your business might need to use video for communication and demonstration.

There are several key elements of text information you’ll need to decide on, as well as some other optional settings.

The following parts of online videos will help your agency or website developer publish your video properly.

The Title

A memorable title will help you capture your viewers.  Step it up by including keywords your audience is likely to use when looking for videos similar to yours. This title will be the first thing shown when sharing on your social media.

The Description

YouTube is the largest search engine for video in the world. Crafting SEO-smart descriptions with keywords can help viewers find your videos more easily through searching on Google and other search engines.

Video Thumbnail

This is the preview image you’ll see before the video is played. This does not need to be a direct still of the video itself. It can be a collage of images, it can have a splash of color and a few large words… think of it like a quick pre-view of “what this video is about” and be sure to make it relevant and not use an image that is not actually part of the video.

Tags (categories)

Your video tags are keywords you can add to your video to help viewers find your content. But this is not as important as your video’s title, description, and thumbnail.  These pieces help your viewers decide which videos to watch.

Publish Schedule

Having YouTube or Vimeo host your online videos has several benefits. Not only does it help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but it also compresses the file for you. You will also not need to concern yourself with different file formats for desktop, mobile, or platform.

Another benefit is the decrease of server load on your own website. Because your video is not actually on your own website, your bandwidth is not affected.

What Else To Know

The above is the very basics and will serve your needs well right from the start.

However, there is always more to know and you might need to make some decisions later.

Some of these will be:

Copyright Licensing Information (if  the audio track contains unlicensed music or if you use unlicensed video clips – Ask your videographer if you are unsure)

Time length: The length of your video might be too long to upload

You might need to split the video up into pieces first. This is not a bad thing and offers more opportunities to promote on social media.

Appropriate Audience. YouTube will ask if the video was made for children, which requires some additional information.

The video might take too long for you to provide through cloud services. You might need to burn the video on a disc and mail it. rare thing since technology improved every minute.

Changes in Technology: And because of these technological advancements, the above-required information will change over time.

Ideas for Videos

Posting online video can be easy to create and a value-added new type of content for your business. Here are some ideas for online video and how it can help your target audience:

Explaining Complex Concepts with a Step-By-Step Process for your business strategy or proprietary process. It’s easier to see how something works when presented in conjunction with a text-based explanation.

Portfolio Showcase of Your Work can be a combination of photos of your landscaping business, or before-and-after surgical procedures. Most people respond better to seeing the results of your work.

Capture Attention on Social Media videos and overlay text which breaks up a longer sentence into easier-to-understand thoughts. These shorter text clicps can be supported with the use of background video or photos.

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