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About Eric Rounds-Experienced Digital Media Specialist: Eric’s broad array in digital media began when he first programmed his own version of Berzerk on a neighbor’s AppleII. This excitement with computers later transitioned to animated graphics on his dad’s Dell. Wisps of green strobing spirograph-like lattices danced around the 16bit monochromatic screen and inspired Eric to delve further into digital media. Eric’s educational background started with 3-D modeling and animation on the TARGA-TIPS platform and soon evolved over to the first PowerMac systems using Strata 3D and later with Intel Macs and Maya for 3D character animation.

The Right Place at the Right Time

During the early 90’s, Eric began designing digital images for startups like eMall, and then was asked to design and program his first website, this time for Dauphin, a chair design company. Eric pursued online design even further as he progressed as the Media Director at various software companies in Blue Bell, PA. In the late 90’s, Eric worked exclusively in the digital media field as it advanced towards online animation, winning him a Site of The Day award from Macromedia.

Macromedia, Adobe, and Fractal Design…

Working with the digital media industry and community, Eric has beta-tested most graphic and web software from Macromedia and Adobe. Always embracing new technologies, Eric now has almost 20 years of professional experience in website design and development, with a smattering of enough 3D animation, multimedia design, and kiosk/GUI design to excel in any digital media project.

GIF, Flash, HTML5, PHP, OMG!

Eric’s diverse experience and enthusiasm for interface design, functional animation, and interactive media keep him engaged in current and upcoming trends. This advantage provides him with the ability to develop relevant and effective site features designed for longevity. Eric has kept up with all aspects of online media; from animated GIFs to Flash and now HTML5; from Netscape Communicator, CyberStudio and Dreamweaver to Content Management Open Source PHP Web Development.

About Eric Rounds-Experienced Digital Media Specialist

Professional, Goal Oriented, and Still Fun to Work With…

Previously the VP, Director of Digital Media for a local creative firm, Eric was also the Owner and Principal of AIM Web Designs in Doylestown, PA. He has also served as a Media Director, online marketing consultant, logo and brand development designer, and lead art director for companies such as Wingspan Technology, Quatern, Intersphere Communications, Lockheed Martin, and NEC. You can read testimonials of those who have worked with Eric.

Getting Personal

When he is not pushing pixels around, Eric supports a variety of charitable organizations such as Anchor House of NJ, and enjoys keeping up on the latest and greatest media software, all-the-while exploring the world of video games and TED talks. New hobbies include skydiving, kayaking, canyoning, and meditation. Learning is a passion which is never quenched. Eric is currently looking to work with think-tanks in Southern Utah, Arizona, and Hawaii.

Eric’s Favorite Quote

Be the change you want to see in the world – Gandhi

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