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I just signed up for Gamification, an online course taught by Kevin Werbach through Coursera. I’m very excited by this. There are so many areas

Robot of the Day — Clockwork Robot

This is from Lego’s minifigures Series 6. Ain’t he cute! In my opinion, he’s less threatening than Evil Robot of Series 8 or even the

Tablet Dimension Comparison Chart

Compare Tablets’ Screen Width and Height in Pixels for Your Next Web and Mobile Designs I created this visual chart so that I can see

Robot of the Day-Star Trek Lieutenant Commander Data

Robot of the Day — Star Trek Lieutenant Commander Data is a Pinocchio-like character who continually tries to become more human every day as he emulates human responses, learning how to laugh and tell a joke, and many other things in order for him to be something more than he is.

Robot of The Day — Android!

In celebration of Apple’s latest iOS 6 mobile update, I thought I’d throw caution confusion to the wind! I’m not a fan of Android at

Robot of The Day — BMO of Adventure Time

BMO of Adventure Time is a side character who has its own unique personality, especially for a robot. Sometimes it is referred to as BEEMO. What can I say about

iPhone Tip #2 – Accessibility

Ever try to use your iPhone only to have a weird zoomed in screen, making the interface unusable? I have. A few times. And also

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