iPhone Tip #1 – Silence!

Although I can toggle the side lock on my iPhone to silence the ringer, there are still more noises which can disrupt many scenarios. Even

MultiScreen Interfacing

How many screens does it take to watch a movie, play a video game, or surf the web? Well, how many you got? Microsoft announced

Mobile App Update Fequency

iTunes shows that I have 50+ apps that need to be updated. Now that might be more apps then some people actually have. I do

3D Apps for iBooks Author

As a designer and developer of digital media, it’s important to know about the variety of technologies and tools. For example, which 3D apps for iBook Author will create COLLADA format files?

12 Topic to watch for in 2012

2011 proved to be a year of great efforts. Several manufactures attempted to deliver an iPad-like device but not set the world on fire, including

Playing with Fire…

Kindle Fire. First impressions Packaging is basic and simple. Not like Apple presentation. For $200 that’s fine. The weighted feeling feels good. Like a solid

Thank you Steve Jobs…

Dear Mr. Jobs, Thank you for your vision. Thank you for your futuristic gadgets. Thanks for making the Mac so easy to use, and powerful

Cars 2 hints at iOS 5 Speech Technology

I just saw Cars 2, and yeah, um, it’s not my favorite Pixar movie, sorry Mr. Lasseter! That being said, the art direction was terrific! I enjoyed

iTunes Extras on Apple TV and iPad

Need to get iTunes Extras onto your iPad? Or maybe you just want to use the latest APple TV to watch a movie from iTunes with iTunes Extras? Here’s how!

iTunes Extras – not worth it!

UPDATE: iTunes Extras now plays on Apple TV, iPad and iPhone – Apple finally made this work and it’s actually genius yet not perfect; the

Not hot iPad mute toggle

Seriously, I want the orientation lock back. Apple, can we please have the option to use this as we want?

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