Day Three

DONATE DIRECTLY Well we started off with a short tour of Ithaca as we searched for our breakfast diner. After we ate, we began our

Day Two

DONATE DIRECTLY We started out at 6:30 to have breakfast at a local cafe. Our ride took us along a short part of Lake Seneca

Day One

DONATE DIRECTLY We’ve finished DayOne leaving Oswego at 7:30 and arriving in Geneva around 3:30. Within the 75.8 miles were absolutely wonderful rolling hills surrounded

Lunch in a basket

Yes, we all packed a contibution to avoid the fast food during out lunch break. And we ended up eating out of a shopping cart

We’re Merrily On Our Way

We’re the bus #2 of 4. 200 cyclists and 31 volunteers. Everyone is very excited and enjoying the start of our trek. We’ll break for

The Bike is loaded!

We’ve loaded our bikes last night! It’s like giving someone your legs, the bike becomes an extension of your body after a few hundred miles


So, apparently all that training has helped me tork out a spoke from the rim. It actually was pulled out of the wheel hub. Normally

500 Miles on a Bicycle

July 8—15, 2017 From McHenry, MD to Trenton, NJ 500 Miles (& My Sixth Year!) Why am I riding a bicycle for 500 Miles? Donate Now to

yes to new Pet Shop Boys album

Well, I finally got a copy of the new PSB album “Yes”, including the “etc” double cd GREAT ALBUM! My favorites are: Love, etc More

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