Investing In Your Business

Let's face it… it takes money to make money. You'll need help to make your business grow. Are you investing in your business?

Investing in your business requires time, expertise, and knowledge. Unless you know how to do it all, you'll need to pay someone to help make your business grow.

Are you investing in your business?

Growing your business includes a social media marketing strategy, a website, outreach, funnels, online reviews… AND you then have the work you actually do for your business. 

“But I can’t afford it?” 

And to that, I ask… “Can you afford NOT to invest in your business?” Are you are giving your house plants more attention that your business? 

Let’s make this really easy to understand… Here’s my FREE Business Profit/Investment Calculator. Use it.

Before moving forward with any growth of your business, you’ll need to step back to look at the larger picture: What is this worth?

There is a general standard to invest 10%-12% of your projected annual sales. (see   If improving your sales and increasing your profit, yields more than 25% increase, wouldn’t be smart to invest 10% of your current profits into your business?


How to know how much to invest

(from GetGist) First, you calculate the low end and the high end of what you should be spending. These two numbers are 10 and 12 percent of your projected annual gross sales. That’s not so hard — if you predict you’ll make $1 million, then 10 percent is $100,000, and 12 percent is $120,000. Next, you multiply each of these two numbers by the markup you earn on the average transaction. This means gross markup above cost, expressed as a percentage of cost. So if you spend $100 on each widget but sell them for $150, your markup is 33 percent. (Your margin is $50, which is the number most business owners focus on.) Next, you divide the gross profits by cost. Using the example above, your gross profits are $333,000, which you would divide by $666,000 (the amount you spend to buy or create the widgets you’re selling.) This leaves you with “0.5” on the calculator, or 50 percent. This means that your 33 percent margin represents a markup of 50 percent. Then you multiply the markup percentage by $100,000 and $120,000, which gives you $50,000 and $60,000. From there, you subtract what you pay on a year in rent (say $25,000) leaving you with your final spending range of between $25,000 and $35,000 on marketing. Read more at Gist: How Much Should a Small Business Spend on Marketing    Fill this out to see what your investment is worth based on how much you want to grow. If you don’t want your business to grow 25% or more why are you in business?

FREE Business Profit/Investment Calculator

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Being honest will show you realistic options. Take a moment if you need to get this info if you don’t know it by heart.

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