iPhone Tip #2 – Accessibility

Ever try to use your iPhone only to have a weird zoomed in screen, making the interface unusable?

I have. A few times. And also a friend of mine recently had a similar experience. Her problem was compounded with audio feedback of everything she was doing. It made using the iPhone next to impossible.

Luckily the problem was easily fixed after adjusting the accessibility settings.

Now, let me preface this by asking apple “Why is the iPhone near impossible to use with a combination of accessibility settings?”

With Zoom and Voice on, using the iPhone is very difficult. Isn’t that the opposite desired affect? And if I’m missing something here, perhaps it’s just not intuitive.

Here’s how to get your iPhone to behave.

1) Settings
2) General
3) Accessibility
4) Turn off the culprits

What causes this to happen? In my case it was the triple-press home button setting. I accidentally pressed it and inadvertently choose Zoom.


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iPhone Tip #2 – Accessibility

by Eric Rounds time to read: 1 min