Is Your Website Working for You?

Having a website is a requirement these days. But, how do you know if your website is working for you? Are your site visitors finding what they want?

Heatmap sampleHow do you know if your site is working for you?

Using various tolls-of-the-trade like heatmaps and analytics, we can determine what areas of your website are being clicked on, scroll to, and working for you.

An excellent example of one of these tools is called a Heatmap. Heatmaps show what areas of a page are used. This is quicker than looking at your Analytics and comparing data.

This article at NNGroup (Nielsen Norman Group) is an excellent example of how to approach what we consider are website standards; banners, side panels, etc. It also shows how we ignore content which is closest to banner ads, or what we might think are ads. Site design plays an important role in how your site will be used.

Are your site visitors finding what they want?

Your website’s functions should work towards your business goals. Therefore, how your site is organized to support these goals is the priority. This is where Google Analytics can help. Looking at the top 5 landing pages, and the top 5 most-visited pages will be your guide as to what the main site’s focus should be.

Place these “heroes” at the top of the fold. This is the area first seen before having to scroll. The heatmaps will show more than 75% of your site visitors interact with the top portion of your homepage.

What else can I do to make my site work more?

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