Last-Minute Gift Ideas – Donate It Feels Great

Have you run out of time to get that perfect gift for someone? Or maybe you just need a break and not get involved with that nasty pre-holiday traffic. Consider this thoughtful alternative: A donation towards a good cause given in the name of your special someone.

This is a great way to teach children and adults alike, to love giving while they receive the gift of gratitude. It’s a good reminder to many of us that we have what we need (what we want is a different topic). I find that the older I get, the gifts my friends and family exchange are more about spending time together than they are about “things.”

Below is a growing list of sites who accept your donations. Imagine saving tons of time from shopping for a furbie or this year’s iWhatever.

Last-Minute Gift Ideas – Donate It Feels Great

>Tinicum CSA

With support from Cross River Meditation, the Tinicum CSA is providing a family subscription to a family in need. Simply make a donation on this form. This donation is sent to John Haspel at Cross River Meditation. Your donation will be added to monies gathered at the meditation center so a family in need can receive organic healthful fresh farm grown food.

>FACT Bucks County

FACT Bucks County was established in 1992 to raise funds and Increase awareness in an effort to combat the growing AIDS epidemic. We are an all volunteer, non-profit organization with one purpose; to maintain the quality of life for those affected and effected by HIV/AIDS.

>Bucks County SPCA

The Bucks County SPCA is an independent, non-profit organization, incorporated in 1912 by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is not a branch of any other organization and it is not supported by tax dollars. Its purpose is to enforce the anti-cruelty laws of the State, to educate, and to employ all available means to prevent and alleviate the suffering of animals within the County of Bucks. The Bucks County SPCA is dedicated to the welfare of all animals and is supported solely by donations.

>Bucks County Free Library (PayPal Link)

Your public library is so important to keep alive. Yes, they have eBooks for your Kindles and Nooks. Imagine what it would be like without having free access to books? What a tragedy. You can give a donation to a library to your book reader friends, and then visit the library together for a friendly gift of being present with each other. Learn 23 Reasons Why Your Library Is the Most Important Place in Town.

>Philadelphia Ballet

I’ve enjoyed so many performances at the Academy of Music with Rob French. The Philadelphia Ballet Company is an institution of talent and beauty. Do you know a little ballerina in your life? Or a fan of the Arts? Consider donating to pay for those expensive ballet slippers, or better yet, buy a ticket to see a performance of your choice. What a gift to share together!

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Last-Minute Gift Ideas – Donate It Feels Great

by Eric Rounds time to read: 2 min