Mobile App Update Fequency

iTunes shows that I have 50+ apps that need to be updated. Now that might be more apps then some people actually have. I do load a lot of science/technology and fun stuff and a lot of free apps. Anyway… when was the last time that you had to update Word or Photoshop or any of your other desktop apps? Maybe you had to install updates for security purposes, but really that happens maybe only every few months.

I’m concerned about the standard acceptance and frequency of app updating.

So why are developers so frequently updating their apps? Were these apps quick to market? Are the apps being updated because they need to? Are they bug fixes? Or are they more compatible with iOS?  Is this a failure of the iTunes and iOS app ecosystem?

What I am noticing of the majority of my apps updates is that they are bug fixes, feature enhancements, or simple basic things like icon changes.

I thought that getting an app into iTunes Store was a lengthy difficult process. Maybe the update frequency is a result of the difficulty in getting apps approved and into the iTunes store. It’s probably easier to get a basic app into the store and slowly add new features and edits. Maybe it should be more difficult to update after the app is approved. I sure would like to have fewer updates.

And for those Adventure Time fans out there… “What the Glob?!”

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Mobile App Update Fequency

by Eric Rounds time to read: 1 min