MultiScreen Interfacing

How many screens does it take to watch a movie, play a video game, or surf the web? Well, how many you got?

Microsoft announced SmartGlass today. It’s a brilliant idea actually. Basically it’s a system which connects your TV, tablet and computer with an App called “SmartGlass”. The idea is not new. It’s the way that MS is going about it, and marketing it. Apple, are you paying attention? Your ideas and current capabilities are propelling the xBox media center strategy. Wake up and stop making hobbies.

And Microsoft is not the first to get into the multiple screen entertainment system approach to media consumption.

Apple’s AirPlay allows your iPad and Apple TV to play very well together with video and gaming. The iPad screen becomes the controller and the TV displays the main game.

Nintendo Wii U is using this approach with their new console and controller due 4th quarter 2012. Engaget has an interesting article comparing this new SmartGlass to Wii U.

What’s interesting about the video on this page? It’s pretty much what Apple TV with iOS and iTunes and iPads/iPhones can do… Now.

And what does Sony got up their sleeve? Well since their new tablets run Android, I’m not sure they’ve thought far enough ahead to get into the game yet.

So what does all this mean?

Well, it will affect the way we use media. Imagine watching a movie on TV while your iPad screen presents live updated information about the actors, or the director, or even locations the scenes were shot and travel ads for these locations. Or playing a video game where your iPad becomes the controller and other’s iPhones can jump in for a party-based game on the big screen. Or read a book to your child with text on the iPad and visuals or music and sound effects on the TV. Maybe asking your child to read along and pacing the story with your child’s abilities.

It’s coming. You ready?

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MultiScreen Interfacing

by Eric Rounds time to read: 1 min