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Top Tips for Content Management 

Content Is King and needs to be treated with royal care! If your content is not organized or named correctly, your new website will really suffer. Let’s figure this out together before we create a new site

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Mobile Friendly Sites

Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

Google’s recent algorithm shift to favor mobile-friendly websites over desktop-only may strike panic in those who don’t have mobile-friendly sites. And for good reason, as this will really affect your rankings if Google deems your site not worthy.

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Photo Shoot Checklist

Preparing for a photo shoot will only increase the wise investment of hiring a professional photographer. Here’s a few things I’ve learned along the way…

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Are My Passwords Secure?

Take 90 seconds to learn how to protect yourself without busting a brain cell. Learn in less than 2 minutes how to create a secure and easy-to-remember password for all your accounts and online services.

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