Destination Website

The Delaware River Towns asked me to provide a solution: How to represent their members and promote the towns along the Delaware River? The answer: a Destination Website.

After creating several membership-based websites, I was able to develop this dynamic, breathable, and responsive site with member support. The over-all request from the members and the board was to make the site attractive, not so cluttered as before, and to showcase their locations and their towns. We achieved this through a custom-developed WordPress theme, custom page templates, and an affordable workflow system. We are thrilled with the results and continue to hear good things from the members.

Strong Mobile Support

Mobile use was a large priority request. The menu is large, easy to read while walking around town, and has all of the main sections of the site readily available. I addition to the ease-of-use, the mobile ads can double as Tap-To-Call which will quickly make your phone connect to the establishment. The banner ads are made to serve whatever purpose the members need. This Tap-To-Call feature is perfect for reservation-based businesses like restaurants, spas, and entertainment venues.

Upgraded Listings

For the Premier Placement Members, we developed ad banners which will register impressions and clicks. This data is provided in quarterly analytic reports. The banner ads are placed in groups anywhere we want in the site pages and can link to anywhere the member requests. There are both desktop and mobile banner ads, with separate links for each.  I suggest that members use their mobile banner ads to link to their phone number for Tap-To-Call access. This call is also registered as a “click”.

Premier Placement & Spotlight Members

Our Premium Placement listings include a Spotlight Page, Banner Ads, and Social Marketing. The Spotlight Pages have the flexibility to serve two purposes. 1) As a stand-out page which can be used for special recognition of excellence from peer nominations. 2) As a Premium Placement Member, these spotlight pages contain more information as well as hold the banner ads mentions above.

Feature Rich

Since the site has launched, we have quickly added more events, updated the database to include more information for restaurants, and local events such as the Art & Antiques Weekend.

[onliest_icon_list color=”default” icon_size=”medium-icon” icon_style=”border”][onliest_icon_list_item icon_type=”icon” icon=”fa fa-wpforms” header=”Dynamic Forms” href=”““” text=”As soon as a new member registers online, the listing is automatically loaded into the categories on their choice. As soon as their payment is processed, their “free“ listing is upgraded to their paid listing, along with their logo, social media links, and more. “][onliest_icon_list_item icon_type=”icon” icon=”fa fa-refresh” header=”Social Media Integration” href=”““” text=”Members’ Facebook events are loaded into the site, alongside Chamber Events. This integration allows up-to-date event listings all on the website. No need to go to Facebook to keep up with the Zuckerbergs. The site also loads Instagram posts with the #delawarerivertowns hashtag. Did you just take a photo of the ducks along the canal, or your meal at one of the local restaurants, or perhaps your family posing on one of the many bridges? Go ahead and show if off, and just add that hashtag. It will automatically load on the homepage.”][onliest_icon_list_item icon_type=”icon” icon=”fa fa-snowflake-o” header=”Weather” href=”““” text=”Not such a big deal but we added the current weather along the Delaware River. While you are browsing through the towns’ listings planning your visit, you can quickly see if you’ll want to bring an umbrella, sunglasses, or a sweater.”][onliest_icon_list_item icon_type=”icon” icon=”fa fa-video-camera” header=”Video Content” href=”““” text=”Support for hosted video, or linked from YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo; Any video can be loaded into the pages, or even into the members’ Premium Listings. This feature adds more value as it gathers a lot of separate media sources and social links into one accessible listing.”][/onliest_icon_list]
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