Nancy Lewine’s experience has helped numerous corporations and businesses such as FirsTrust Bank, Hewlett Packard Co, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Par-Recycle Works, Alura Business Solutions

This new website NLO Inc, in concert with rebranding by Gordon Pulaski Design, has been upgraded and given a fresh and comprehensive overhaul in layout and content treatment.

The Goal

To upgrade NLC Inc using the new branding, yet retaining most of the website’s copy.

The Approach

I approached this site with 1 main focus – simplicity. I was provided the new branding from the designer and was given some freedom within the style guide.

After building the initial site structure and new header and footer, I found the content needed some more TLC. So, I read through and saw an opportunity to support my “simplicity” initiative with a more organized approach.

The Services was an area that needed an overhaul on presentation. Working with Nancy was a pleasure. She knows her stuff and understood my desire to re-do the Services.

The Results

Strong Mobile Support

Her old site was not responsive to work on anything other than a desktop browser, so we fixed that immediately.

Organized Services

The previous site listed her services in a manner-of-fact way. Nothing that made them stand out or differentiate from each other. My team and I created an organized approach which really helps to clarify and group her services.

New Client Listings

Although we could have simply listed her clients and partners, I wanted to make this page help her clients stand out. My team and I gathered her client’s social links and logos to help upgrade this page. This approach helps her clients make direct contacts with potential new business, serving and an elite directory.