Wellness Practitioner Rebrand

Melissa Pickell hired Eric Rounds to redesign and develop a new brand for her nutrition and wellness practice.

New Website Features Include:

  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Resource Drawer
  • Dynamic page layouts
  • Improved lead capture
  • Scheduling and Reminders
  • Online Purchasing

Additional Deliverables Include:

  • Social Media Branding and Strategy Guide
  • Marketing Video
  • Keynote Template
  • Social Media Graphic Template
  • Business Cards
  • Tri-Fold Brochure
“I loved working with Eric… His organization and process were excellent; confident but still listening to me. ”
— Melissa Pickell
Nutrition and Wellness Practitioner

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Digital Stratgey Workshop

Before you build a website or launch a new digital marketing campaign, you will need a clear strategy so you don’t waste time and money building out the wrong project. We’ll uncover your digital potential and craft a roadmap for measurable growth, step by step.

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