Shhhh… 5 Seconds To Phone Silence Bliss

"Do Not Disturb"
to really silent your phone…

MUTE is what you select to silence your phone. No vibration or sound will disrupt your important moment.

How to keep your phone quiet during a movie or meeting

A “Question-Of-The-Day” Winner!
You know those people whose phone rings during a movie? Or maybe their phone vibrates several times during an important speech… annoying, disturbing, and disrespectful, right? What’s worse is when it’s my own phone which goes off! Oh for shame! Well, in less than 5 seconds, you can easily avoid being that person. If you don’t already know of iOS’s Do Not Disturb feature, you’ll thank me for this post someday.

iOS (iPhone) –  Slide your finger or thumb up from the bottom edge of your iPhone. Then choose “Do Not Disturb”. Your phone will not make any sounds or vibrate even if you get a text message, email, or phone call. This is more effective than lowering the volume and easier than turning off the device.
Android (your experience may vary due to the fragmentation of Android) – Slide 2 fingers from top of your screen to open the control panel manager thingie, and watch this slide show. Android does not have a Do Not Disturb feature, but Mute does the same thing.

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