Tablet Dimension Comparison Chart

Compare Tablets’ Screen Width and Height in Pixels for Your Next Web and Mobile Designs

I created this visual chart so that I can see what I’m dealing with while developing websites and mobile marketing. After putting it together, I feel more committed  to my design workflow towards the responsive and adaptive approach in web design and development. I used to think that a single desktop and mobile version of my sites would be sufficient. Yet, when I compare the variations of dimensions within just the mini 7-inch grouping and the larger 9-inch grouping, I can more clearly see how a scalable and adaptive layout will work best in the long term. Notice how I sneaked in the Surface RT?
I’m posting this PDF for you designers and developers out there as a way to compare and prepare your mobile and web designs. Good luck and have fun!

Download the PORTRAIT version
Download the LANDSCAPE version

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Tablet Dimension Comparison Chart

by Eric Rounds time to read: 1 min