Thank you Steve Jobs…

Dear Mr. Jobs,

Thank you for your vision. Thank you for your futuristic gadgets. Thanks for making the Mac so easy to use, and powerful to work with. Thank you for wearing jeans as a CEO presenting to shareholders. Thanks for the cute Bondi Blue iMac. Thanks for ditching the floppy, for making the iPod a Mac only FireWire device at first, and for making the iPhone before the iPad. I still have my 1st generation iPod with the spinning click wheel, the 1st Gen iPhone, and am typing this with my iPad.

We did not know each other personally, but I was personally affected by the technology you made, and I bought. My first Apple product was the PowerMac 7100 my boyfriend bought for our home. I loved it. I loaded Strata 3D onto it and AOL. It was amazing. I made my first website with it and it helped me create my career. Using Apple products brought the future right in front of me. It always seemed as if the rest of the world was catching up when I got to a version-2 or 3 of any Apple iThing.

I know Tim Cook will do a great job as CEO, and that you prepared some new goodies for the world to enjoy. But this world will not be the same without you. And it was something different with you. You will be missed.

Rest In Peace



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Thank you Steve Jobs…

by Eric Rounds time to read: 1 min