Using Google Drive to gather your Website Content

It’s free, it’s feature-rich, and it’s a perfect companion to your website project. Here’s how to go about using Google Drive to prepare your website content.

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This page is best viewed using a larger screen. Organizing files, folders, etc is very difficult on a mobile device. Please visit this page using your computer or iPad in landscape mode.

Create Nested Folders

Here’s how it looks with a few folders. 

Creating a single folder for each page gives you an organized location for photos, videos, PDFs, etc for that page. We need these media files to be loose and not embedded in the text document.

As you can see we have a “Website Training” section, and 3 pages inside that (as folders). Nested folders inside section folders help keep things organized.

What it looks like on a desktop.

Organize and Upload

Inside the “3 Top Tips” folder is an image, and the Google Document. The next section below will break down the text document process.

Creating a single text document for each page gives you a single document for all of the text you need. Having the images as loose files will be what is used on the site. (this is also setting you up with a workflow for when you want to manage your site yourself.)

Convert to Google Doc

(only if you uploaded Word files)

 There’s no extra step here, so here’s a moment to just say “hi, I appreciate you checking this page out. Want to see a recent photo of Tucker?

Clear Formatting

(text color, specific fonts, and any non-default sizes)

WordPress and CSS Styles will take over the site’s “skin” look and feel. Copy/Paste supports Bold, Italic, Headers (1,2,3,4), and Links

Edit & Review

Here you can see what a Google Doc will look like when it’s done, and then after it’s used in a website’s page.


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