Website Checklist for a New Website

Website Checklist – Are You Ready For A New Website?

If you're a DIY type of person, this is the perfect Website Checklist to test your skills! And this will work for any website, including builders like SquareSpace, WordPress, and others…

New Website Website Checklist: Content

Here’s a quick Website Checklist to help you before you approach a new website.

Several pieces are required in order to have a successful outcome.

The focus here is primarily on Website Content.

This Website Checklist will help you get an understanding of options and will provide you with a score up to 100.

This is a very simple way to check if you are ready for your new website by assessing your ability to manage the content.

And no worries… there are no right or wrong answers!

Some of the items in this website checklist will include…

  • Your ability to edit images
  • How well you can work with text editors
  • If you like being organized
  • How well can you follow directions?
  • If you like snarky comments and find them funny…

Are you ready for your Website Checklist… to see if you are ready for a new website?


    These questions will help prepare you to gather your content, or possibly show you that you will do better if you get help with this important step in a new website.

    Works on all Website Builders!

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