…trainers, coaches, teachers, therapists, counselors, bodywork practitioners, healers, guides, masters, gurus… leaders who improve the lives of others.

Is this you?

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How do I help the helpers?

I provide a complete end-to-end solution to increase my client’s intakes AND minimize their administration time.

With over 20 years in website development, online communications, and creative technical integrations, I’ve decided to combine this set of skills and offer to the service industry, specifically those who help others; therapists, counselors, trainers, nutritionists, financial and business coaches, bodywork specialists (massage, rolfing, etc).

Why Personal Improvement & Wellness Specialists?

I sincerely want to feel that my work is making a difference in this world. By helping the helpers, my scope can affect more people and in a very broad range.

As a business owner, I know the challenges of managing the business and admin side AND doing the work I have been hired to do. The most commonly shared issues I hear from my clients relate all to how they administer their time.

And as a client myself who has worked with specialists and understands how it feels to ask for help, I am sensitive to the language and approaches that help connect with your clients so they feel comfortable and confident when selecting you to help them.

How much will this save me?

It’s very easy to see if you will benefit from my packages… Just enter numbers into these fields to see how much money or time you will save.

  1. How many hours a day do you spend in fielding calls, reviewing intakes to determine if they are qualified leads, scheduling appointments, sending reminders, texting reminders?
  2. What is your highest rate you charge for your time?
  3. Keeping that in mind, how many hours a week do you discount or adjust to accommodate their financial limits?
  4. With my approach, you can save yourself 100 hours a year, or increase your income by a minimum of $25,000

Can’t I do this myself?

One of my packages includes training so that you can do all of this yourself. But honestly, you’ll want an experienced professional to do this for you.

Yes, you can learn all of the numerous steps required to execute a successful solution. I don’t want to put a limit on your abilities, yet I know from years of experience that those who try to DIY their website, communications, and social strategy end up running out of time to finish it all and are left with an incomplete solution.

There are a lot of details that rarely are completed by solo-business owners or even junior-level office work. Missing all of these details WILL affect the end result. And then hiring someone later to fix things or clean it up will cost you most than doing it correctly at the start.

I provide my services as a Do-It-For-You approach, yet understand the desire for some to want to do this themselves.

Is this complicated?

No. Although it is a lot of micro-decisions and connections to make, I minimize your time so you can spend with your clients and build your business. This is why I do this for you.

I handle all of the complicated flips and switches. I’ve created a system to minimize the amount of your time so that I can operate independently after we start, and you can focus on what you love to do… help your clients.

All of your questions will be answered and I offer some training and monthly maintenance, should you need or want this.

Am I locked into a plan or subscription?

No, you will not be locked out of your website or accounts. You will have the keys to your kindom.

I use all open-source and any accounts I set up will be your accounts, for example, Stripe or PayPal, hosting, etc This is YOUR website, not mine.

I set everything up for you, and make sure that you have all of the keys to your kingdom. I am not interested in owning your website or domain names. After we are finished with your new system, you’ll receive a document with your style guide, logo files, login access information, the whole shebang!

What does this all consist of?

Depending on which package you need, the list below will include all of the features and functions needed to provide you with the right fit.

  • Website
    • Content (writing, graphics)
    • Landing Page
    • Reviews/Testimonials
    • Certification
    • Forms
  • Full Re-branding or new branding
    • Logos in multiple file formats
    • Style guide for usage
    • Slideshow template (Keynote, Google Slides, PowerPoint)
    • Business Cards
    • Digital letterhead
  • Scheduling System For Meetings and Sessions with email and text reminders
  • Blog and posts and strategy
  • Social Media Strategy to help promote, educate, and entertain
  • Reputation Management to build 5-star positive reviews

I have a website already. Do I need a new website?

Short answer: Yes. Working on a period build becomes too wonky and your previous developer most likely did things that no longer will work.

When I take on a client’s website… I own its health and performance. Yet if I did not build it, I can’t make sure it was coded properly or was built with speed and editing in mind. So… as a policy, I no longer work on previously built websites. I will re-build a new website with everything connected properly, SEO support, quick loading, and be mobile-friendly.

How soon can this be set up?

Short answer: as soon as you need it! 

Turnaround time varies based on what we have to work with and how much content or type of content we receive. You can expect to see a full working finished system within 1 or 2 months. Yes, we can work faster which ill also depend on content, review, needs, feedback, etc.

What comes with the packages?

Not everyone will need everything, so I have created 3 packages that will address the needs of most industries and starting points. It depends on answering these questions:

  1. Do you currently need a brand? (logo, messaging, social media)
  2. Do you currently need a strong following on social media?
  3. Are you currently taking payments manually?
  4. Do you need an automated system to schedule your clients, send reminder texts and follow up emails?
  5. Do you spend 5 hours or more a week with admin time?
  6. Are you giving away your work through discount rates?
  7. Do you need a social media strategy?

If you answered YES to any of these, I know that I can help you. Let’s talk.