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I really do love working on creative projects.

I find it very satisfying to work as part of a dynamic and creative team, bringing life to an idea, and delivering an exceptional product.

I give my all to my projects, and they take a lot of energy and expertise to get right. Because I want to make sure my work is a success, I choose to work with select clients on projects that excite me, that I believe in, and that I think have a real chance at success.

If you’d like to talk to me about working together on your project, there are a few things I’ll need to know.

Firstly, we must be connected on LinkedIn. If we’re not connected on LinkedIn, please ask one of our common connections for an introduction. If need be, find someone we know in common and ask for an introduction – this explains how to do that if you are unsure.


If we are connected on LinkedIn, please tell me a little about your project below. If we’re a good fit for each other (and I honestly believe I can help you) I’ll get in touch to discuss next steps.

I look forward to learning more about your project.

Project Application

Project Application


This is your opportunity to tell me why you need a website and what the website should achieve. The more information you give me here, the better the solution I'lll be able to provide. Ignore any questions that are not relevant. But… more info means I'll hit those goals more accurately.


Business Snapshot

What budget have you allocated for this project? Be honest and we will tell you what we can and can't do. Marketing budgets vary depending on industry and purpose. What should my budget be?
My websites start at $3,500. For budgets under this, I can offer consultation, training, a website audit, and other services.
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You Have Goals

First I'll need to know… Do you have a goal? This may seem obvious, but if you don’t know where you’re going, then you won't know you’ve arrived when we get you there. What goals do you want your website to achieve?

If you don’t have clear goals, but you’re prepared to hire me to help you define them… let's start here.

You Have Passion

Building an audience online is hard work and it takes time. Passion is the fuel you need to keep going when it looks overwhelming or too challenging.

You'll want to be passionate about what you do. This will be the fuel to keep your momentum.

You Have A Budget

If you want to meet your goal, you’ll need to look at this as an investment in your business.

My professional expertise is worth this investment.

You Have An Audience

Building an audience through blogging, podcasting, interviews, white papers, presentations, speaking, and education is the only way to generate new customers online.

If you don’t already have an audience you should be prepared to build one. I can help you there too.

You Have A Team

We are about to build an effective marketing tool, and this will require time and resources. I can provide some guidance to help bolster and reinforce your team. But it will require some people to assist you.

It could be as simple as a virtual assistant to help out a few hours a week or a fully-fledged content production team, either way, you’re going to need help.

You Have Time

When we work together, it will require a commitment and some feedback from you during the process. If your goals become no longer a priority, let's regroup.

We want to maintain ​momentum, be inspired by your passion, and reach your goals together.

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