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Since the mid 90’s when we hand-coded HTML and optimized our images to 256 colors or less, bandwidth influenced how we created a website and what we presented. 

Websites have grown in capability and necessity both from technology and expectations. Your website alone will not magically bring in traffic or automatically solve your online presence. Social media now plays a huge role; posts, events, viral messaging… the list is growing. I’ve got you covered. I’ve created a “What Is Development?” page if you want to feel like a nerd for a few minutes.

Content Managed Websites

The ever-growing options available to build your own site makes the on-boarding process very simple and quick. The most popular Content Management Website Builders are WordPress and Squarespace, along with Wix, and Weebly. And although these are great tools, there are a lot of decisions to make and options to choose. Where to start? Contact me.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We start with Information Architecture to define the site, move onto a beautiful and functional design, and then develop and test for all platforms. Your new website will work on iPads, mobile phones, and desktop and laptop computers and on all major modern browsers appropriate for your key audience and user.

Content Development

My writers help craft your website content for branding and message development, updating technical content, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). From YouTube promotional videos to beautiful keynote presentations controlled by your phone and projected onto the big screen… your content is king.

Hosting & Server Management

Every website will need some updates from time to time. Some are daily, others are monthly. These updates can be for the content or technical updates to the CMS core and plugins. If you don’t have a backup strategy and know how to rollback in case of an update glitch, that can cost you a lot of downtime; affecting your business and availability. Why take that risk?


This year in January, Google implemented their requirement for SSL Certificates for any website that had a form. So pretty much everyone needed to get on board, and this was not a bad thing. In doing so, websites became more secure (until something else comes up) and we got less spam and hacks because the forms were more secure. Securing a website (also known as “hardening”) is a multi-step process that implements brute force attack walls, hides sensitive data, and keeps your site more secure than without it. Security also can be affected by not updating your site’s software (see above).


Blog comments, image optimization, form testing, backups; These are just some of the requirements that come up with websites, which are not considered updates or security, but still can affect both. For example, if you are uploading huge images without scaling first, your site will quickly become more and more cumbersome to backup and also for your site visitors loading your pages. Yes, your site might actually crash because you’ve uploaded too many large images. Another wise service provided are regular schduled backups and core updates. Stuff happens… let’s make sure we are prepared.

Social Media Strategy

Facebook private group management, LinkedIn connection and posting, Instagram Feeds, and more… Social can be equally as important as your website. It’s a direct conneciton with your audience. Nurturing the relaitonship with your followers through rewards, feedback, surveys, and shout-outs are part of a Social Media Strategy.


How It Works?

Eliminate digital marketing guesswork with a strategic plan, leverage competitor analysis to stay ahead, and avoid unnecessary expenses with a clear, actionable roadmap.

Digital Stratgey Workshop

Before you build a website or launch a new digital marketing campaign, you will need a clear strategy so you don’t waste time and money building out the wrong project. We’ll uncover your digital potential and craft a roadmap for measurable growth, step by step.

This call with Eric Rounds will cover what is broken, what’s not working, how that affects your daily business, and how we can get you back on track.