Refresh + Reignite Your
Current Branding & Marketing

To increase and improve client growth

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Site Audit

We research what is working and not working on your website.

  • Website Traffic
  • Heat Map Page Clicks
  • Call To Actions
  • Website Analytics

Brand Refresh

It’s common that a new logo and branding style is needed to really show that you mean business. Older self-created logos show their age if not properly designed. And brand apathy is often a result of the decreased business. Your new logo will be an evolution of the current brand.

Website Refresh

  • Improved Navigation
  • Updated Messaging
  • SEO Strong Content
  • User Interaction Workflow
  • Fresh Design
  • Content Creation
    • Creative Writing
    • Video / Animation
    • Graphic Design
  • Client Capturing/Onboarding


Getting new business is the main goal. You’ll also need approaches and opportunities which your clients will want so they stay part of your growing business family

(we make them swipe right)

Reputation Development

You’ll receive a Reputation Playbook to help not only build your online reviews but how to direct any negative damaging comments. 

Social Media Strategy
& Marketing

A targeted schedule with visual templates so that your team will successfully maintain brand consistency, as well as goal-oriented options you can build on as you grow your social presence. Customized Facebook Groups and LinkedIn Discussion Groups are available if appropriate for your industry.

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”I improved these organizations' brand and growth.
I know that I can help your business grow too.” - Eric Rounds