The Goal

The main goal was a logo for this start-up comprising of 4 individuals with an expertise in the IVRS industry. This project included a complete branding solution, with a website, slideshow template, booth videos, posters, print ads, merch. 

The Approach

Working with startups is a very rewarding experience. We have the opportunity  to create (or recreate if a rebrand) the messaging, voice, and visual language of the brand. The approach here was simple… I designed, developed, and delivered all materials needed to launch this suite of services.

The Results

Service Logos | Website | Print Ads | Schematics/Brochure | Video


The orange cut-out “Q” also represented a chat-bubble; this was to subtly support the direct customer service aspect.

The additional suite logos built on the idea of vision.

FlashY Website

Remember Flash? Well back when I created this site, Flash was king. We did not have mobile websites or tablets. The client loved the Flash site so much, we also used it for the interface of their products that serviced their customers.

Industry Print Ads

The client really liked the tab motif so we incorporated this in all of our materials. These print ads were published in a 6-month time frame to help build brand visibility within the established IVRS market.

Service Schematics

Taking the complicated and making it easy to “read” was a rewarding challenge. See the significant change. below from the original client-provided VISIO.

Booth Video

This played in the background during their trade shows. I created 2 with different music. One was more of a beat, and they other was gentle.

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