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The Centennial Barn is a beautifully restored and renovated private residence. The design and styling are magnificent. The project required a custom logo, website, and stationary.

Logo & Branding Design Process

I wanted the logo to show the barn’s structure in an iconic way. And in order to be as accurate as possible, I knew that I needed to change the angle at which it can normally be seen. Since it is so large and situated along a hill, it’s impossible to view the barn fully from an orthographic perspective. This was the reasoning for my approach; to photograph the basic sides, and then to use these as a template for stenciling into a 3D shape.

How To Create a Custom Logo Based On A Building

back of the barn

street-view and front of barn

A stencil was created for all sides of the barn to create a 3D shape. This helped to angle the view for a more desired perspective.

basic 3D model of the barn, created to obtain the defining lines

Now that the barn is in 3D, it can be reviewed from different angles before we decided on the best perspective.

Using Adobe Illustrator, I applied different styles of ink brush strokes to the wireframe of the illustration. we didn't go with this style, but I still love it.

the final product along with the stationary design


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