His idea of a full-screen site really makes my paintings pop on the homepage, and I LOVE IT!

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My old site was difficult to update, did not show my artwork well, and really just needed a new splash of paint. I saw what Eric did for Robert Maggio's site and knew that I needed him on my team. His idea of a full-screen site really makes my paintings pop on the homepage, and I LOVE IT! Now, my gallery can manage and update my artwork, post upcoming shows, events, classes. Eric is seriously a genius and made the process painless, enjoyable, and effective. I'm getting loads of compliments about my site and am selling more paintings because of Eric's influence. And Eric, if you're reading this, get ready for the e-commerce part of the site! http://www.tonylasalle.com

Tony La Salle – La Salle Gallery


Take a moment now to really imagine exactly what you want. Have that pictured? What does that look like, a mobile app, or a new product launch… improved marketing, or a new user interface for your online service? Just imagine what you want, I can make it happen for you. Let’s get started…

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Spa Salon Website

American Classical Orchestra

Tony LaSalle

Advanced Cerametrics

Institute for Spine and Scoliosis

Centennial Barn

Energy Own




Either simple or complex, everything of value needs some careful attention to detail. Design is the look, feel, usage, layout, timing, and character of the product. It’s not just a pretty package…



Not so fast there Slick, we have to make this puppy bark!! Develop is code. Develop is construction. Develop is about experience. To develop is to piece together all of the above into a functional end result.



Whether it be print, digital, or billboard, there are many choices to deliver your message, each with its own unique set of requirements. From magazine ads to social media strategy, I deliver.

…Working with Eric was a true partnership and a pleasure…

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I'm a self employed professional who usually does everything myself. Eric helped me prepare a presentation which I have successfully used both nationally and internationally. Not only was the presentation elegantly designed, but discussing my needs with Eric really helped me focus my thoughts. Working with Eric was a true partnership and a pleasure. I look forward to working with him again.

Kathryn Hall, PhD