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Eric Rounds LLC is a full-service website agency specializing in memorable experiences to increase brand awareness and customer retention. I helps companies solve their digital struggles with dynamic and enjoyable experiences. Do you know what you need?

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Hello… My name is Eric Rounds. I design, develop, and deliver digital media and custom Branding Strategies and Website Design for all types of industries with an emphasis on creativity and branding.

Located in beautiful Lambertville, NJ, I provide strategic approaches and website solutions for medium and large business between 50~2000 employees. Looking for a website designer? Let’s talk. 


Stand out with memorable website experiences. Video, animation, lively graphics or visuals… your site will be unique, and that will make it memorable.

Your message, product, event, service each have their own unique characteristics which require their own unique attention to detail. Design is constructing the look, feel, usage, layout, timing, and style.


From integrating a large user membership listing to connecting multi-tiered page types, I’ll simplify the process so you won’t have to fiddle with the wiring.

Your idea is awesome, yet has little value until we figure out how to make it work; experience with execution. Develop is piecing together the concepts and elements into something that works.


Let’s get that new website up and running and minimize any downtime. I deliver on time and provide a 1 month warranty. Just refresh your browser… DONE!

Whether it be print, digital, or video, the platform we use to promote your product or message vary in costs and timing. I have experience in almost every aspect of media; print, web, video, interactive.

Logo + Branding

Do you want to fit in…
or stand out?

Branding encompasses all of your communications, from a simple business card or brochure to a full scale re-brand across your entire product portfolio. How this is consistently carried throughout your messaging yields part of your brand. 

Design + Develop

Let’s strengthen your brand and sharpen your message.

I provide complete start-to-finish solutions to common yet complex problems; how to connect to your target audience. Award winning  design in logo and branding, website design & development, keynotes and video, print materials, or even 3D printed promo items.

Deliver + Maintain

Making sure your brand stays fresh and relevant.

Your communications will grow with your business; let’s make sure your creative technology stays up to the task. SEO, Site Security, Content Management… technology changes almost overnight. Wake up to feeling confident your message is visible, relevant, and memorable.

Blog + Tutorials + Guidence

A growing catalog of tutorials, guidance, recommendations, and stuff.

Each week, expect to find a new post to help with many aspects of website design and development. So, you will find posts about content management for new websites, security issues, SEO tips, and more. The intention of this blog is to be informative and used as a guide for new projects.

Coast to Coast + In Between

My office travels with me. Here are just a few of my favorite places to work and live. 

Palm Springs, CA

Gorgeous landscapes and art, loving friends, and ideal community, Palm Springs is an often visited locale I sometimes call home.

Utah + Colorado

After traveling across the county in 2016, I fell in love with the terrain and expansiveness of these states. Camping, hiking, and photography bring me back bi-annually.

Princeton, NJ

Situated between Philadelphia and NYC, Princeton is an energetic environment with education and culture all around. 

Just across the river from New Hope PA is Lambertville, New Jersey, a city rich with culture, diverse people, and a hub of activity. You’ll often find me walking Tucker around town.

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